DAB+ in Sweden

DAB+ is now available in several parts of Sweden. There are 19 radiostations available in DAB+ which is considered as the successor of FM in several European country's.

In several European countries, DAB+ is promoted via nationwide websites, like dabplus.be , dabplus.de or dabplus.fr. A full branding toolkit is available for download to ensure consistent marketing of DAB+ internationally. The DAB+ logo is free to use for industry stakeholders in the promotion of DAB+. For more information about the use of the logo and branding toolkit, please check on the website of WordDAB. For more information about using the domainname 'dabplus.se' please contact us

MUX 1 - SR DAB (public service Sveriges Radio)



SR P3 Din Gata

SR P4 Stockholm

SR Knattekanale

SR P7 Sisuradio

MUX 2 - Nent DAB (commercial radio)

Bandit Classic

Bandit Rock


Gamla Favoriter


Lugna Favoriter

Power Hit Radio

Power Millenium

Radio Rainbow

Rix FM


Star FM

Svenska Favoriter